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Disco Costumes

Disco Costume: Boogie All Night

Halloween is the perfect chance for you to live the past once again. There is no other better chance to dress like we used in the 60s and the 70s. Here are few options on what you can wear and how to make yourself look from the old times on halloween.

The 60’s disco theme

People mostly wore dresses in bright colors (neon colors mostly),they matched that with leather boot’s, white is the preferable color for the boot’s. straight hair sets the trend right. these bring back the memories of that particular time. Use fake and long eyelashes, dark eye make up. somewhere between bright and dark should be your lipstick color.

The 70′s disco theme

Your other option is to dress in the disco costume from the 70s. It is all about bright colors along with flared pants. A shinny top with a lot of glitters along with some leather platform heals will complete the outfit from the 70’s disco era. From the make-up point of view, focus on the eyes and do it up really well with bright color eye shadow to match your outfit. Wear high heels in colorful colorful for a compete look.

Dream girl movie sensation

Beyonce in the movie dream girl is the perfect example for these kind of costumes. A strapless gown with the bottom part shaped like a mermaid’s skirt. You need to wear gloves up to your elbow to get the exact dream girl look. This is a very sophisticated costume and elegant curls are the perfect style for your hair to complete the look.

Flower child from the hippie times

Well if you have no clue about what to dress as them flower child hippie style is the right costume for you. You jus need a tie dyed t-shirt along with long hair and colorful head band. To complete the look you can wear wire rimmed glasses and walk around portraying peace. You can also wear a flower dress for a chic look with braided head band along with a bright colored flower tucked in your ear.